Website designing

We offer professional website designing. We develop all kinds of business websites, showcases, websites with CMS, and web portals and optimise them for loading times. All of our developed pages are adapted to support most leading browsers.

After implementation, all websites are reported to Google for purposes of faster address indexation. We also recommend installation of the SSL certificate.

Showcase pages, landing page

We develop simple "showcase" websites, which are a good way for brief presentation of the offer, contact information, or the company’s business profile. Thanks to the legible navigation and information presented in a clear manner, they are fast and easy to use for web surfers.

Business websites

These are advanced websites, which usually have a multilevel menu, more subpages, and more content. Thanks to the dedicated Content Management System, they allow to keep an expert blog or manage current events.

Online portals

Advanced pages aimed to distribute information to as many web surfers as possible. The most important factors here are fast content distribution and safe data storage.

Websites with CMS

This product acts as a website administrable by an intuitive and easy to use Content Management System. The friendly graphical interface will let you manage e.g. photo galleries, products, or current events.

Responsive websites

Responsive websites adapt their width and element layout to the resolution of the device displaying them. Thanks to being responsive, these websites are user-friendly and comply with the recommendations of the Google search engine.

AMP pages

Accelerated Mobile Pages are pages based on static content, which aim to render content even faster than regularly optimised pages by taking advantage of various technological elements provided by browsers and servers.

HTML5 page templates

We also offer development of templates in HTML5 technology. The final product is a website with no implemented business logic. This is the perfect solution for e.g. companies with its own backend.

Website programming

Do you have a website template developed in HTML? We can program it and implement the business logic. In this case, we will be handling the website’s backend and will not interfere with its appearance.

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