Web applications development

ByPixel develops all kinds of web applications with the newest web technologies. The main advantage of such applications is their support for both desktop and mobile devices without need to install any software.

During the designing and programming processes, we focus on the performance and ensure support for as many simultaneous inquiries as possible.

CRM Systems

We design reliable CRM systems, which are optimised and customised to your requirements. These applications are accessible online from anywhere with a connection and automate and support cooperation with the Client. One example is a computer system used to securely administer client databases, including meetings, contacts, and documents.

Ticket systems

We develop ticket systems supporting both internal business operations and operations between the company and the Client. This application handles tickets – it speeds up and raises the quality of the support provided by the company. The developed systems are flexible and you can customise their form and functions as you please.


We design reliable – both classic and REST – APIs, which give the Client a set of tools to collect information. As we develop the software, we focus on preserving security and adapting it to high loads.

API integrations

Are you looking for a way to download a high volume of data automatically? Thanks to the integration of your website / application with an external API, you can legally download even several million data records. We also offer processing and manipulation of the downloaded data in order to adapt them to the requirements of the Company.

B2B sales systems

We develop automated centres for handling of business Client orders according to your requirements. These systems will let you store your order, invoice, settlement, or discount history.

Database interfaces

We design applications for graphical presentation of raw information inside a database (even in very high numbers). The results may include e.g. a chart illustrating the changes of a function within a specific time.

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